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Invest in the USA

Fascinating board game, buy and sell properties in the USA and get rich!
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27 February 2009

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The idea to garner a fortune has been ingrained in our philosophies since our childhood. From idyllic dreams of a treasure hunt to building and owning entire cities, the lure of riches is unending. As we grow up we become more interested in becoming successful entrepreneurs, builders and some of us even may wish to own a city. One game that offers you the chance to gather imaginary riches is Invest in the USA 1.1 which extends you a platform to test your intellect and strategies while you go about owing buildings and cities. The game is loosely is based on the concept of the popular Monopoly game and allows you to hone your business skills.

The application on launch sports a colorful interface that is aesthetically designed. Owing to its intuitive game-play, one can get a hang of the game in quick time. Given the fact that the game can be played with up to five different players, the application becomes a preferred choice for friends to test their brains against one another. The plethora of exciting combinations available in the game like lucky shot and lottery make it thoroughly enjoyable. Further there is the threat that you land yourself in jail if your happen to take undue risk. The game is designed to give you the pleasure of actualizing your fantasy while keeping a link to reality. Also on the brighter side, the game does not task you as much as Monopoly does which makes it more approachable for novice strategy gamers.

Invest in the USA 1.1 application comes across as an interesting game for business students in particular and it offers them a chance to test their business acumen. The game earns a score of four rating points for its interesting plotline and is expected to find a decent audience.

Publisher's description

Invest in the USA is a game which is based on MONOPOLY type board games. Players aim is to make a fortune. Players may purchase and trade properties, build houses and hotels, participate in auction and take part in the lottery. On the board you find popular states and cities.
Game can be played by up to 5 players. Number of computer players is optional. Demo version enables play for only two players and last 20 turns. Full version of the game allows game without time limit.
Good graphic, nice photos and intuitive navigation are game assets. Invest in the USA is not only fascinating entertainment but also learns players tough market rules.
Invest in the USA
Invest in the USA
Version 1.1
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